What We Do

We provide high-quality project and construction management, defect-free construction works to precision for our clients also developing our own projects as well. 


Plus has a wealth of experience in new build, refurbishment, design & build, and traditional forms of contracting.


A successful project starts before a tool is lifted. We work with our clients to create a plan, and Plus' pre-construction checklist covers in-depth content to keep them involved and informed at every step of the way, including:

  1. Assembling and liaising the most suitable team for the project, from architects to other designers and engineers, inspectors and realtors, builders and finishers.
  2. Defining scope and budget for your project, creating or assisting you on design concepts.
  3. Securing all necessary permits, ordering project materials, establishing a full construction schedule, and ensuring on-site safety.
General Contracting

From high-end, custom family-homes to multi-unit commercial spaces, Plus Construction has years of experience in management and building. 

Our design-build and pre-construction services ensure you get a clear outline of exactly what you want.  We listen and inform, and believe that building a new project should be a fun, participatory experience for you, without worry, anxiety, or unpredictability.

Plus Construction Group

Our roots are in structural works, which require high-precision execution and a need for practical solutions out of the drawing board.  The reason why we have a deep understanding and respect for the natural uncertainty underlying the construction business.  No matter how diligently you prepare, .  We are not a bunch of schemers just sitting on our desks.  Whether you're building a home, restaurant, or a large mixed-unit commercial building, we know what has to be done and ready to improvise on the go to achieve your goal.  

We understand our clients are building around their lifestyle, needs, and budget, and we make sure to keep them posted through every stage of the building process. 

Building is often a monumental life event, so we want to make sure the experience is enjoyable and the outcome satisfactory and lasting through our customized project budgeting, value-engineering design, and precise construction execution.


Commercial retails, residential estates and apartments are Plus' focus in development.

The property development process requires extensive planning with attention to detail. To ensure a smooth process, the development project must be managed correctly in order to minimize potential risks and maximize profit.  For any project, Plus has the ability to coordinate specialized consultants including landscape architects, town planners, civil and hydraulics engineers and architects/building designers.  

We have experience in both the public and private sector and understand the different philosophies underlying each of them.  We are open to anyone, whether whom may be interested in investing a highly profitable development project or someone seeking other purposes such as giving back to the community.

Some of our notable development projects are:

  1. Songhakgol "Rural New-Town" residential estate
  2. Dukchunri residential estate
  3. "Plus Hills" residential estate
  4. "Sky Tower" apartment complex

Urban Regeneration

Plus is working closely with public institutions focusing not only on physical regeneration but also on attempting to stimulate social and economic regeneration.

Sustainable Development: The Promise To Our Future Generations

Traditional urban development projects have towed a city’s growth.

However, the profit derived from development projects has not always been distributed fairly. Developers and a small portion of inner-circle investors would often take most of the fruits of labor while most people content with leftovers.  Also, in many developed societies traditional industrial and manufacturing economy in old cities collapsed leaving many inner-city areas blighted by unemployment, riddled with poor housing and socially excluded from more prosperous districts.

We believe the Urban Regeneration philosophy will able us to elude the vices of traditional development and rejuvenate under-developed and neglected districts.  Operating a T/F and establishing a social enterprise making it mandatory to share the profits of development, Plus is working closely with public institutions focusing not only on physical regeneration but also on attempting to stimulate social and economic regeneration through projects such as:

  1. Jeonju Yongmuri hill Chemin de Saint-Jacques
  2. Urban ‘city-farm’ project
  3. Urban regeneration ‘New Deal’ project


While maintaining at its core the identity of a construction company, Plus has expanded to diverse sectors such as vertical farms, education and wine & antiques.

With the company’s resources and expertise, Plus is engaged in diverse social services.  ‘LoveBread’, our social enterprise subsidiary has been employing multi-culture families and exiles from North Korea since 2013, giving them a better chance to adjust to our society. Supporting needed elderly members have always been our area of interest and we not only provide financial aid but also volunteer through the ‘Yeson Sarangnanum’ foundation for the elderly.

Giving Back To Our Community

"The members of Plus are devoted to building a community 

that everyone can fulfill their dreams through sharing and cooperation."

Plus hosts various cultural events through its event hall ‘Dunamis hall’ and regularly hold seminars in our ‘Dreaming Tree’ community library for local students.



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