With our Construction management and works as our bedrock, we have developed notable residential estates, apartments.  

Now, through years of accumulated data and experience, we are taking our business to a new level, developing on bigger scales and diverse sectors.

Jukrim Spa Resort 

The Iconic Spa Resort of the '90s, Born Anew
Stage 1Resort: 29,752.01㎡ 
Spa Theme Park: 26,446.28㎡ (indoor & outdoor pool)
Stage 2Shopping Mall
Stage 3Therapy Complex

Jukrim Spa Resort was the place to go in the Jeollabukdo region back in the '90s to the early '00s.  However, the decay in regions economy took a tole too much to bear and the once glooming and well-visited leisure facility shut down in the late '00s.  Plus is developing an ambitious plan to revive this ghost-town to its former glory. 

HyangNam Residential Complex

A Residential Complex of 1,544 residential units and Retail Space 13,707㎡ 

GFA 197,450.80㎡ / B2F, 37 - 41F, 6 Towers

1,544 Residential units, 13,707㎡ Total retail space, and 1,713 carparks

Skytower Residential Complex

A Landmark Skyscraping Apartment in the Up-Town of Jeonju

GFA 88,579.41㎡ / 513 Residential units and retail

We not only built it but also developed it!  Acquiring the land, developing a feasible plan for the development and supervising the construction works from start to beginning,  we were the first to successfully adopt and execute the regional residential partnership development model in Jeonju.

DukChunRi Residential Estate

Our Very First

Comparing to the scales of our recent development projects, the DukChuRi residential estate looks almost irrelevant.  However, we were able to learn the basic fundamentals of a successful development project while working on this estate of 32 houses.



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