Who We are

Plus Construction Group is a full-service construction company, general contractor, design-builder, construction manager and developer.

Our History

Starting from an earthwork contractor in the late '80s, Plus became a listed entity in June 1992 and evolved into its current form of Plus construction group in the late '90s.

Our Culture

Building a sustainable future is our vision.  Plus' top priority is people and we have cultivated a generation model which opens the way for employees to become partners.

What We do


Plus has a wealth of experience in new build, refurbishment, in design & build and traditional forms of contracting.


Commercial retails, residential estates and apartments are Plus' focus in development.

Urban Regeneration

Plus is working closely with public institutions focusing not only on physical regeneration but also on attempting to stimulate social and economic regeneration.

New Frontiers

While maintaining at its core the identity of a construction company, Plus has expanded to diverse sectors such as vertical farms, education and win & antiques.

Giving Back To Our Community

From supporting and employing multi-culture family members to weekly volunteering to care for the local elders, Plus is engaged in diverse social services.



Our Projects



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